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Donkey Smiles for Michelle

Posted on: July 9, 2010

I made this card all by myself. I worked on it for a super long time and it was hard to get all the measurements right, but I stuck with it and I think it looks awesome!

I made it for a lady named Michelle. My mom made a card for Michelle because she was in a terrible accident and lost her eye. The nice people at A Spoon Full of Sugar are having a card drive for her and I wanted to send this one!

It is my favorite card I ever made!

This is the inside:


5 Responses to "Donkey Smiles for Michelle"

Dear Joey,
I´m happy to see your cute Donkey card.
You have made it with a big portion of love and thinkness
It´s realy well done !!!!

Hope U understand my bad english ;o(
Hugs from Germany

What a lovely card you have made for Michelle! I think it’s so great that you wanted to help her feel better and what a wonderful way to do it.

Adorable card Joey, I am sure it will bring a big smile to Michelle’s face.

That is just about the best darn donkey card I’ve ever seen in my life.
I’m very sure Michelle will be very proud to get your lovely card. It shows just how much work you put into it….it will be treasured forever.
If I ever get sick I want a masterpiece from you Joey, cause nobody does it better than you.

I am super proud of you, Joey!
I know how much time and effort you put into getting this one “just right” and you did an AWESOME job!

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