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Joey’s New Guitar

Posted on: August 1, 2010

Me and Daddy went to Guitar Center today.

This is what we brought home:

(you can click on any of the pictures to see them bigger)

It’s ALL MINE!!!

Here is a close-up:

Daddy says BC Rich is an awesome instrument. Nothing but the best for me!

Here is one more angle, so Grammy can see the pattern in Mom’s new couch!

The man at Guitar Center was very impressed when he heard me play!

He actually said: “Wow! He’s doing really good!”… like he was surprised or something!

I’ve been practicing a lot and the first song I want to learn is “Highway to Hell” by AC DC.

Now that I have my new guitar, I think I’ll like practicing even more!


1 Response to "Joey’s New Guitar"

WOWSA congrats on the new guitar! It looks AWESOME. You should have mom and dad record you playing and upload it here so we can all hear you to!

I LOVE AC/DC!! Highway to Hell is one of my favorite songs!

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